On-site Visits

Future Hospital (OYS2030)

During the visit to Oulu University Smart Hospital, participants can witness cutting-edge technologies and advanced medical practices and learn about the hospital’s commitment to excellence in specialized medical care. The hospital will be at the forefront of innovation, utilizing AI, robotic surgery, digital imaging, telemedicine, smart buildings, information technology infrastructure to provide high-quality care. Additionally, Oulu University Hospital aims to be the smartest hospital in the world by integrating new technologies, sustainability, as well as embracing data-driven opportunities. Part of the departments will be opened in 2024 and it will be fully opened by 2030.

OYS TestLab and Knoppi

A specialised test environment in the heart of its provider, Oulu University Hospital. OYS TestLab’s premises can replicate various hospital units, such as an operating theatre, clinics, wards and control rooms. It offers all you need to test and develop your product or service in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users.

The laboratory covers 300 square metres on two floors, and a digital testbed for EHR integrations. Additionally, OYS TestLab has a 3D virtual space and a 5G test network.

MITTLAB, Oulu University and OAMK, Oulu University Hospital

Mittlab is a medical imaging teaching and test laboratory on the premises of Oulu University Hospital. It was established in a European Regional Fund -project in collaboration between University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Mittlab offers wide variety of physical and virtualized medical imaging tools for research, education and product development, innovation and testing purposes.

Accessible home Mahdollistava Koti, Oamk

The Accessible Home is an accessible and homelike learning and simulation environment that can be adapted to various purposes. The home includes different technology-supported living solutions. The home’s accessible and safe construction and interior design solutions utilize technology to enable individuals with special needs in mobility, vision, hearing, memory, comprehension, or communication to participate in their daily activities and social interactions according to their abilities.


Nokia is pushing 5G technology to become faster and more cost-efficient through its flagship laboratory OTAVA (5G Over-the-Air Validation Area), which was built to enable controlled environment for wireless testing, but still using real end-user devices. Furthermore, this unique test lab enables precise evaluations of network performance in critical site deployments with special construction materials or radio interference, like Future Hospital (OYS2030). During your visit, you will see labs which could be from James Bond films, gain insights into the importance of realistic testing of wireless mobile connectivity (both in a lab and on the field), and experience with tangible examples how modern technology enables e.g. drones operated from 30km distance are used daily in mobile network testing.

University Health Tech Research Lab. Tours

  2. Multimodal Sensing Lab
  3. Human Body Twin Lab
  1. UbiComp Lab: UBICOMP (Center for Ubiquitous Computing) at the University of Oulu is a hub for cutting-edge research in Ubiquitous Computing and Human-Computer Interaction. Visitors to the lab can explore innovative technologies, including techniques for modeling human behavior, research-focused virtual spaces, and systems engineering to enable ubiquitous applications and services.
  2. The MultiModal Sensing Lab (MMSLab) at the University of Oulu’s Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) develops multimodal sensing methods, decoding human dynamics for various applications. Equipped with advanced vision-based sensors and RF-based devices, the lab specializes in analyzing human activities, behaviour and physiological status in both unimodal and multimodal contexts. Research focuses also on 3D environment reconstruction for indoor environment understanding to enhance human-centric analysis and smart environment solutions for personalized care, wellness and remote healthcare monitoring.
  3. In Human Body Twin Lab at the University of Oulu is developed by the researcher of research units Health Science and Technology (HST) and Opetoelectrics and Measurements (OPEM) to enable realistic evaluations of different medical monitoring applications. During the visit, the guests will see different human organ twins, how they are preapred and how they are used evaluate differnt medical monitoring applications, e.g. brain monitoring head band, capsule endoscopy, breast cancer detectors etc.

Bus schedules:

Bus 1 round 1 (Host: Henna Härkönen henna.harkonen@oulu.fi +358 40 7755928)
Radisson Blu8:00
Lapland hotels8:05
OYS2030 Future Hospital8:25
OYS2030 Future Hospital9:30
Lapland hotels9:45
Radisson Blu9:50
Bus 1 Round 2 (Host: Matti Hämäläinen matti.hamalainen@oulu.fi +358 40 5243813)
Radisson Blu9:00
Lapland hotels9:05
OYS2030 Future Hospital9:25
OYS2030 Future Hospital10:25
Bus 2 (Host: Karoliina Paalimäki-Paakki karoliina.paalimaki-paakki@oamk.fi +358 50 5365959)
Radisson Blu8:00
Lapland hotels8:05
Accessible home8:25
Testlab & Knoppi8:35
Testlab & Knoppi9:45
Accessible home9:55
Lapland hotels10:10
Radisson Blu10:15
Bus 3 (Host: Erkki Harjula erkki.harjula@oulu.fi +358 50 3030478)
Radisson Blu8:00
Lapland hotels8:05
Univ. Health Tech Res. Lab8:30
Nokia OTAVA8:40
Nokia OTAVA9:45
Univ. Health Tech Res. Lab9:55
Lapland hotels10:15
Radisson Blu10:20
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